Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Google Cast now available to everyone using Chrome.......

Back in July Google announced that Cast, previously an extension for Chrome, was being included as a built in feature from v51, which at the time was the latest stable version of the browser.
Now the company has announced that following a staggered roll out, the option is available to everyone without the need for the extension.
Casting between the browser and a Chromecast connected device works by allowing users to stream any page to the Chromecast connected device (ie HDMI TV). To Cast a page that isn't natively supported for streaming, users need to head over to the Chrome Settings menu and go to the Cast option which is found between Print and Find midway down the menu.
For pages that are supported, you’ll see the Cast icon appear in the toolbar of Chrome when you’re on the same network as a Cast device, as well as being able to share with participants on a video call in Google Hangouts and the Cast for Education app.
Google has been hard at work improving the Cast feature since it launched in July, new Cast devices like Chromecast Audio are now supported, and the company says it has partnered with other manufacturers to make Cast-enabled TVs and speakers. Under the hood there are also significant improvements in quality, with the vast majority of casting sessions now possible in HD.

Source & Images: Google

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